Candy Crush Saga by King (Facebook App)
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Year of Candy Crush Saga: Most Downloaded Game of 2013 + Tips, Cheats Online

Candy Crush Saga by King (Facebook App)

Every year there are new games and every year there are games that stand out amongst the others, now in the day and age of the Internet, digital downloads, smartphones and apps, the new “King of Games” is gaming company King’s Candy Crush Saga, which launched in November of 2012 and has been announced as Apple’s number 1 most downloaded application of 2013.

Yes, the year 2013 is the year of Candy Crush Saga and according to King’s co-founder Sebastian Knutsson, it’s not going anywhere soon.

The co-founder of the King says that Candy Crush can stay on top with frequent updates which they plan to add every two to three weeks allowing gamers to play the saga over in a whole new way each time.

According to Apple, Candy Crush Saga has been downloaded over five hundred million times (500,000,000) and played over one-hundred and fifty billion times (150,000,000,000).

Many players are trying to reach the highest level possible, so it’s not a surprise that users would seek out tips, cheats and tricks for Candy Crush Saga.

Want to play Candy Crush Saga on Android visit Google Play market place, Apple IOS, and PC/Windows users you can play Candy Crush Saga straight from Facebook.


Always Try Starting at the BottomEasily one of the most effective strategies for beginners, crushing candy at the bottom rather than at the top, works wonders since candies will keep dropping down and give you free moves.
Get +5 SecondsTry making a candy crush chain with at least +5. This trick, if applied effectively, will add 5 seconds to a time trial level. Have a look at the left lower corner of the screen to tell if it is a time trial level or a clear the jelly level.
Infinite Lives on Facebook VersionMake sure you have a browser that supports multiple tabs; Chrome and Firefox are good options. Keep multiple tabs of the game open on your browser. This will come in handy during those harder levels, since you will not have to wait for lives to refresh as on each open version of Candy Crush you have 5 lives ready. However, users will have to refresh the pages (all tabs) when they pass a level.
How to Hit High Scores More OftenA trick that’s easier said than done. Players are advised to complete a level with as extra moves left over. These extra moves will in turn transfer into more points as a school of jelly fish or striped candy will clear parts of the board. This does not guarantee that you will garner more points. However, there is a good chance that players will make those high scores if they use this trick effectively.
Reshuffle Levels without Losing LivesOn any un-timed level on Candy Crush, you can reset your candylicious board before you make any moves. Sometimes, players are dealt a bad hand in the game since the candy is arranged in a rather challenging manner. Players can reshuffle the arrangement. On the mobile version of the game, simply open the level and then press the exit button without making any moves. Once you return, the candy will be reshuffled in new, hopefully easier position. This action can be performed over and over without lives being lost. Plus you don’t lose any lives.
Keep Fish Candy Aside until the EndFish candies can be very great since they zone in on any remaining jelly. Saving them until the end will allow players to get those hard to reach jellies. Another amazing feature is that they will get rid of jellies which are under frosting blocks. This can be done without having to get rid of the frosting separately. All in all, this trick will allow you to blaze through levels even faster.
Cheat time for extra lives.Turn the clock on your mobile device ahead 2 hours, and then keep playing to your hearts content. Go to Settings > General> Date & Time > Set Time Off > Set Date and Time > Add two hours forward and get 4 more lives in your game. You will eventually have to pay back the time, but schedule that for when you’re sleeping anyway. Remember to change the time from PM to AM if you are
going past midnight.

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