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Lorenzen Wright’s Shocking, Graphic 911 Call Before Murder: “I Hear.. Gunshots”

Lorenzen Wright Memphis Grizzlies

A shocking 911 audio of the late NBA basketball player Lorenzen Wright has been released giving a partial listen of what happened in his last moments when he sought out for help.

Wright’s mother Deborah Marion and his family are making the audio public in hopes of making someone pay for the mishandling of the call after it was routed to Germantown, TN even though he was apparently in Memphis, TN near the Germantown border when the call took place.

In the audio that was released of Lorenzen Wright, apparently as he was gunned down July 28, 2010 in a field not far from an apartment complex off Hack Cross street, gun shots can be heard and someone speaking as the shots were fired.

The 911 dispatcher clearly says she heard what sounded like gunshots to someone whom she was speaking with while taking the call.

Now, Germantown administrators are saying that the 911 operators thought it may have been fireworks which is totally different from what the operator clearly stated in the audio recording.

Deborah Marion and her attorney Forrest Craig believe the call speaks for itself.

Following the call, it took more than a week to discover Lorenzen Wright’s body and, because of it, his mother, Deorah Marion told WREG that she tells her grandchildren not to call 911, but instead call her because it will not do them any justice.

Marion is hoping that the 911 system can be reworked and centralized so that others will not experience what her family has. Marion also believes that if the discovery of Lorenzen Wright would have been sooner, it would have meant likely more evidence.

Meanwhile, Germantown, Collierville and Shelby County are remaining quiet as a lawsuit has been placed against them for the mishandling of the case.

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