Memphis Albino Teen Fights Bullying With Rap, Hip-Hop Alter Ego RobenX

Albino rapper RobenX

Memphis teenager Robdarius is just like any other teen, but one thing led him to being the victim of discrimination and that’s being an albino. Albino referred to as albinism is a congenital disorder which results in the loss of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes either partially or completely due to an enzyme being defected or absent, therefore ending in the lack of melanin.

Robdarius, 13, who had been bullied and criticized by other people for being different spoke with WMCTV recently about what changed all that.

According to his mother, LaTorya Parker, who is also known as rapper and model Ms. Debonair, Robdarius thought the world was against him and she tried to give him understanding.

At one time, Robdarius had a school student tell him that he had a disease and wiped down the seat behind him and stated he didn’t want to sit in the seat behind him. Something like this would make any child feel hurt. It may be a good thing that Robdarius isn’t in some parts of the world where albinos are sometimes kidnapped and murdered.

In some countries reported in Africa, albino people are killed for their body parts for potions sold by witchdoctors, amongst other things.

Meanwhile, thanks to Robdarius’ mother, who was listening to some tracks two years ago, something was stirred up in Robdarius, who eventually created an alter ego for himself – rapper RobenX.

Now instead of been bullied, Robdarius says that kids now come up to him and don’t call him insulting names, the kids even sometimes ask him when he’s coming out with new music.

“It’s ‘Oh hey Roben. How you doing, Roben? When you going to put out a new song Roben?'” stated Robdarius who has become an activist for other Albinos and a fighter against bullying.

Robdarius’s mother LaTorya Parker says she loves how Robdarius is growing through RobenX as a person.

Recently, RobenX released a music video for his song “Go Crazy” produced by JP On Tha Track. The music video is directed by Joe Gotti aka Joe Yung Spike.

Check out RobenX’s “Go Crazy” rap music video.

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