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Florida Teen Gives Judge The Finger Over $5k Bond, He Gives Her 30 Days In Jail

A Florida high school teen was held in contempt of court by Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat for flipping the bird, giggling and playing with her hair, saying adios and then cursing at the judge.

Penelope Soto, 18, who attends Sunset High School, was before the judge after being charged with being in possession of Xanax bars.

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat first set Soto’s bond at $5,000 after he questioned her if she was on Xanax because she was laughing and playing with her hair after the Judge asked her how much would her jewelry be worth.

“This is not a joke. You know we are not in a club now, we are not in a club, be serious about it,” stated Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

The judge asked her again about how much money was her jewelry worth and Penelope Soto told him, “like Rick Ross.”

Following this, the judge asked how much was the bond, which had been set at $5,000 on count one and the rest R.O.R.

“Bye, bye,” the judge told her and she replied back smiling saying “adios.”

The judge chuckled about it, but then asked her to come back. The judge grabbed his paper and told her that count one would now be $10,000.

“Are you serious?” Penelope Soto told Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

“I am serious, adios,” Judge Rodriguez-Chomat said back.

After this, Soto went to cursing and flipped the bird at him as she walked off.

The judge asked Soto to come back again.

“What’s up?” Soto told the judge.

“Did you say f–k me?” asked Judge Rodriguez-Chomat.

Soto was honest about what she had said to the judge and didn’t blink an eye.

This is when Judge Rodriguez-Chomat gave her something she would never forgot.

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat charged Penelope Soto with contempt of court and gave her 30 days.

Soto’s response to the judge, “Ok. That’s fine” as she did a little wave bounce while leaving.

Seems Penelope Soto may end-up losing her $200 a week job, which she told the judge she had after her little performance.

Penelope Soto, Miami Teen, Flips Judge In Court Gets 30 Days and $10,000 Bond

Penelope Soto, Miami Teen, Flips Judge In Court Gets 30 Days and $10,000 Bond

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