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Facebook Purchase Of Mobile Phone App Instagram For $1 Billion Has Users Afraid

Free mobile app Instagram is the tech talk today. Currently a number of people are outraged about Instagram’s purchase and Facebook buying the mobile phone app for a whopping $1 billion dollars.

Instagram, which allows photo sharing and the ability to transform its look and feel, has been a hit with teens, schools and colleges, but now has a bland future. According to CBS, people are wondering what will be the future of the application when the acquisition of Instagram to the Facebook family of purchases is complete.

Many people are already deleting their shared photos scared that their privacy will be compromised and integrated with the ‘hated-on’ Facebook privacy policy.

Although no one is very certain except those close to the deal, users of the app are afraid of a number things.

In 2009, Facebook purchased FriendFeed which hasn’t seen much light since being purchased. In December of 2011, Facebook purchased Gowalla which abruptly closed down in March of 2012. Must we go on.

Facebook has been making a number of purchases since 2007, which includes Parakey Inc,, FriendFeed, Octazen Solutions, Divvyshot Inc,, Chai Labs, Hot Potato,, Walletin, Rel8tion, Beluga, GroupMe, Snaptu, Daytum, Madebysofa, Puch Pop Press, Domain Names (, Strobe Corp, Digital Staircase Inc, WhoGlue Inc, Gowalla, Gaffeinated Mind Inc, Gaze Hawk Inc and now Instagram.

To comfort those who are afraid of what may become of Instagram, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg shared his promise.

“We’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently,” stated Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook.

There you have it, from Mark Zuckerberg himself.

As for privacy policy changing, that’s another thing.

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