Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson
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Black Male, Albert Wilson, Gets 12 Yrs For ‘Making Out’ With White Teen, 17, He Met at 21+ Bar

Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson

An all-white jury in Kansas just sentenced a black male, Albert N. Wilson, because 3 years ago the now 23 year old, then 20 year old, met a white teen, then 17 years old, in a bar called the Jayhawk Cafe for adults 21 years or older. The two ended up making out with each other after having drinks at the bar and that has landed Wilson in jail for a 12 year sentence.

On April 3, 2019, the Douglas County District Judge Sally Pokorny sentenced Wilson, a college graduate, to just over 12 years in prison for kissing and making out with the then 17 year-old white teen.

DNA test(s) concluded that intercourse hadn’t taken place nor bodily fluids was found on the victim according to a scientist with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who spoke during the trial. The only thing that was found on the alleged victim’s body was his saliva.

The alleged rape occurred in September 2016 where the victim was examined. Reportedly, swab analysis was done validating there was no sexual intercourse.

The alleged rape wasn’t reported to police until a month later in October 2016.

Many are calling the incident and sentencing an example of injustice to African-Americans.

An example of a comparison is a case involving a white male, Brock Turner, then 22, who was sentenced in June 2016 to a merely 6-months for raping an unconscious woman. Turner ended up only serving 3-months of his 6-month sentence.

Currently, a petition is in place to help support Albert Wilson and the injustice that he is facing. The petition which is online at currently has a little over 26,000 of the 35,000 signatures goal.

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  1. This is wrong- leave these youngsters alone.
    They may have had a beautiful life together.

    How dare anyone in our lifetime, see colour as a reason to seoarate- then charge as a crime..

  2. The fact is that we as black people have never had the same equality as white people yes Martin Luther King paved a way for us but as we can see this country has a long way to go as far as equality and justice for every color. My question is where was this child’s parents and how was she able to go to a club for adults and no one detected she was a minor I realize that white people dont age gracefully like African Americans however someone dropped the ball when they should have been checking her id picture and looking her in the face at the same time.

  3. Black man falls into the trap. She was under age but allowed into the bar. They should give the bar owner six years.

  4. He gets 12 when white rapists and pedophiles walk free…america is at a breaking point…even if you are a Republican, you know this is wrong!! Trump and Putin are dividing us!!

  5. This story is legit from several different news outlets!! Don’t let these far right neophytes try to dissuade you from Kansas’ true colors and America’s seemingly indifference to back woods hateful misuse of the judicial system!!!!

  6. Can someone tell me how in the hell kissing someone rape. You have got to be kidding me. Something is wrong with this world. So sick of guys getting in trouble for this garbage, how about not let a 17 year old into a damn bar

  7. He was sexist to jail just because he had sex with a white girl that’s the bottom line she got into a club that says 21 years and older why should he ask her her age when she in the club with him did the club owner get fined was the club closed down the club is just as much responsible for this young man going to jail as it as it is for the young lady that is lying about her age and presenting fake ID to the club so I don’t think that it is right for them to sentence him at all when she is lying being mischievous and the club shouldn’t get off with a slap on the wrist because they are responsible as well if you say that the man should have asked her her age well the club should have asked her ,her age

  8. What century is thiscourt and judge using fir such discrimination? Not right!! Fight back legally, make it more public too. Judge can be exposed too.

    • I’ve followed the link and signed the petition. I do not take sides or see color, I see humans. There is always two sides to a story and all is innocent until proven guilty. It is very premature and biased to sentence someone for 12 stinking years on the grounds of “making out.” How does society expect that young man to come out of jail after 12 years a good citizen? What is the intent/motive here (Douglas County District Judge, Sally Pokorny)? It is definitely not Justice. Remember the first four letters in Justice and what that really means! If you are a God fearing and God worshiping American, I implore you to reconsider.

  9. This young man doesn’t deserve this. What was she doing in a 21+ bad in the first place? And obviously, he DID NOT rape her!!! This is outrageous and WRONG!!!!

  10. I love how they make this a freaking race issue. Why can’t they just say Albert of raping a 17yr old female he met in a 21+ bar?? Nah, let’s make it a race issue instead. This is what’s wrong with America.

      • right !!!! it is a race issue, brock turner didn’t get s--t and he actually raped an unconscious girl, this young african american male kissed a while girl and is getting 12 years. His life is ruined over a false accusation, injustice to african americans is real and i’m sorry you’re blinded by your white privilege

    • Because the WHITE guy that held a 16-17 year old in a cage for a year and made her have sex with him got 8 months. Because, if you read the article the jury was NOT of his peers, because our “justice” system at this time is not justice for all. Because of people like you.

    • This is clearly a race issue whether you like it or not!!! He KISSES, HAS INTERCOURSE IN NO WAY SHAPE FORM OR FASHION with a little liar that had no business in the bar but that she showed false i.d. to get there and then he’s charged with rape??? IF kissing is rape thrn then men all over the world needa start serving time!!

    • Cause it is a race issue u f--k!ng cave dweller. Get up from under your rock its 2019 and well known that sentencing has disparities when relating to race .

  11. He shouldn’t have been convicted of rape if there was no evidence of rape found period! Also the other guy in the story getting just 6 months for rape is crazy all the way around whether he was white, black, green, or yellow I’ve never heard of somebody actually raping somebody and only getting 6 months time anyway! The United States justice system needs an overhaul and it needs it quickly instead of building more prisons which I do believe we need being that we’re going to keep incarcerating people we need to find an alternative instead of locking people away! It really doesn’t help anyone. I feel like a person comes out worse than before not better!

  12. That’s ridiculous, He’s being imprisoned for no reason, Penalize that girl her parents should go to jail for that. That’s crazy !

  13. The bartender should have told her to leave or be fined for serving her. Kissing 12 year sentence…but rape and incest by white folks to their family or innocent underage victims get little or no sentences. I want to live in a country based on equality. Let him go. Shame on the judicial system that is so discriminatory on sentencing on racial basis.

    • It’s not the judicial system, it’s the racist judge and jury that brought they racist beliefs into the system. The judge could have easily used her discretion after the evidence for rape was disproved, and trough out the case. So don’t blame the system in this case. It is the racist judge!!

  14. What a story full of holes! This story was created to race bait and cause sympathy for this man ! No way did he get this time for kissing! Lies!

  15. Some judges have no common sense.. my son was sentenced to 10 years as a sexual offender. My son is black..the girl is white…she lied about her age and they found over 300 pictures of different men on her phone…but because her parents saw that my son had sent her a picture..they wanted to press charges.. they made my son apologize to her in court.. (for what?when she was the damn liar)..and then sentenced him to 10years…where did that judge get his degree? He was a moron..just like this one!!!

  16. This story is bogus and makes no sense! Too many facts missing! Someone is lying or we are missing half the facts?

  17. This is insane! Who was the judge? Was there a jury? We’ve got pedophiles & child porn criminals getting lighter sentences & they should be in for life! Then you’ve got 1000’s upon 1000’s of rapekits sitting in warehouses & wherever that haven’t even been opened!

  18. What happened to the girl where’s her punishment. She was underage in a bar n getting drunk. A travesty of justice! This guy didn’t deserve that!

  19. Young man a college graduate being at a club met a white girl reminds me when my grandma use to tell me they hung a black man for just speaking that race back then had no chance of being with a white woman. It’s a shame that judge is thinking about the past

  20. Justice is blind in this country when it comes to race. Had that boy been white, he would not have been doing time. That jury would have seen it as two teens making out. The same folks that lynched a black man back in the day for simply looking at a white woman will apply similar concepts to these kinds of cases. Nothing have changed in this country, just different times. Minorities need to be aware of history in making many decisions in this country. Another black man just got released from prison because the victim said she dreamed that this man raped her. Can u imagine that? Wow. Black folks will always be suspect in this country in spite of how educated, rich, or other social status they may have.

  21. Aside from the usual double standard of justice and of course this blatant injustice.
    First, who reported this and second, what kind of legal counsel was provided? Keep in mind, the legal framework given in the flick: “My cousin Vinny.” Albeit, different set of circumstances.

  22. This is not an accurate reporting of what happened. He held her down and assaulted her. She went to the hospital in the morning and had a rape kit done and spoke to police. No DNA was found, but she had bruising on her body from the assault. Both kids were drunk and underage and this is a very common story in this college town. Yes, racial inequality does exist and this man’s sentencing speaks to that. But, he’s not going to jail for 12 years because he kissed a white girl.

    • So, he’s going to jail for TWELVE YEARS when no rape occurred. Privileged white kid in San Diego doesn’t go to jail at all for a full fledged rape. You’re making excuses for a travesty of justice.

  23. This article seems fishy. The bar is for 21+ but both he and her were under 21 and drinking? Plus 16 is the age of consent in Kansas so the charge couldn’t have been statutory rape. The charge would have to have been rape rape. They couldn’t have charged him for simply making out. And bodily fluids not being found doesn’t disprove rape. This article is misrepresenting many facts.

  24. This, truly, is an injustice. The young man, most likely, didn’t have intercourse with her because. He found out her true.age. He should not have too go to prison for kissing her. What was she doing at an adult night club at 17? Why isn’t that an issue? Is the Club getting any fines?

  25. The Judge,the jury the owner of the establishment and the Parents should all be tried and convicted of aggravated assault intent to sell a minor alcohol,parental abandonment and malicious intent to incarcerate an innocent man!
    The real criminals is in the US justice system!

  26. This judge should be fired!!!! So wrong!!!
    This is what injustice looks like!
    Probably because of his skin color.
    Karma will pay back.

  27. This story didn’t add up. The rape wasn’t reported until a month later, yet they were able to conclude there was no intercourse? How were they able to determine that if it was a month later? I’ll tell you how….

    “Both parties agreed that they met while heading to the dance floor (weirdly titled the “Boom Boom Room”) and danced with one another. Wilson allegedly lifted up the girl’s skirt and touched her while they kissed. Shortly after, Wilson invited the girl back to his place, which was walking distance from the bar. Neither party apparently asked about each other’s age.

    The victim claimed Wilson took her back to his place where he raped her but Wilson shared a different story with the jury. “She didn’t seem intoxicated at all,” Wilson said as he claimed the two kissed and engaged in other sex acts but never had sexual intercourse.

    Kansas Bureau of Investigation scientists testified that Wilson’s DNA was found on the girl’s chest — where he said he kissed her — but no seminal fluid or DNA was found. Swabs were collected from the girl the day after the incident from a nurse a local hospital. Photos of bruises were also taken on her inner thigh.

    During the trial, Wilson maintained his innocence and explained why he initially claimed he didn’t remember what happened at his apartment. “I don’t know how to explain this, but I come from a different background than you, ma’am,” said Wilson, who is black to Judge Sally Pokorny, who is white. “… I just felt like the police [were] against me at that point.””

  28. I’m sorry, but this seems a bit one sided. The story alludes to him being accused of rape, not of “making out”. That is the writer’s editorializing of the incident. If he were white and not black, you’d all be applauding the outcome.

  29. WAIT, “The alleged rape occurred in September 2016 where the victim was examined. Reportedly, swap analysis was done validating there was no sexual intercourse.

    The alleged rape wasn’t reported to police until a month later in October 2016.”

    QUESTION, How is the young man’s saliva found on the girl a month later?
    More important, “The alleged rape occurred in September 2016 where the victim was examined.” It don’t make sense to me how she was examined in September, but the rape was reported a month later in October. Who examines a non reported rape?
    Not that I don’t believe the injustice that may have been perpetrated, but the story leading this article seem inconsistent.

  30. Wow. My advice think before you drop your pants. I have a more to say but I don’t go back in forth with people

    Just be careful young warriors.

    • This is b------t. She was ashamed of what she did. Then went and cried wolf. Men MOSTLY BLACK MEN have to be very careful of who you’re dealing with. Because the LAW IS NEVER EVER ON YOUR SIDE. OUR SKIN IS DEFINITELY OUR SIN.

  31. This girl got caught by her parents probably and had to give them some BS story and this young mans life is screwed. No proof of rape the case should’ve been dismissed. We should not allow this story to end this way for this young man.

  32. His Saliva was found on the victims body…a month later? The rape wasn’t reported for a month…that doesn’t add up

  33. Bet if he were white, this case would be closed. There was a white guy who filmed himself raping a little girl and got no jail time, white guy who was former school bus driver who pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl and got no jail time 19-year-old white man who kicked a coat hanger up mentally disabled black kid received no jail time. White man always does the worst s--t and don’t get punished don’t have to do half the s--t if it were the other way around . This a f----d up system and don’t try to tell me this has nothing to do with race because it has all to do with it. Hate to see minorities successful and move up in life

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