Amber Rose In Bed Naked In New Pregnant Baby Bump Instagram Pictures?! (PHOTOS)

A very sexy and very pregnant Amber Rose has been sharing intimate moments of her pregnancy with her fans via Instagram and Twitter pictures including one seemingly naked baby bump photo of herself in bed. The model and soon-to-be-mom exposes not only her baby bump, but naughty eating habits and more.

“I really want Oreos before I go to bed…. But I’m gonna eat some grapes instead its so hard 2 have self control while preggos,” tweeted Amber Rose.

A day later Amber tweeted, “Escarole & Beans and salad with beets & Russian dressing yumm Thx Mommy #Vegetarian.”

Most recently the model, artist and celebrity socialite shared photos of herself letting Lil Wizbud listen to music on headphones through her belly while promoting the name of dad Wiz Khaflia’s latest album on her stomach – O.N.I.F.C.

Prior to Lil Wizbud’s music listening session, Amber Rose showed off her pregnant belly and sexy legs which was posted after a picture of herself when she was 6 days old.

“I swear I have shorts on in this pic but my belly is so big u can’t see them Lol,” says Amber Rose, due to the fact it looks as if she is naked because her belly is hiding the view of her shorts.

If you ask Amber Rose how does she think her son will look, her answer, her son with rapper Wiz Khalifa and future husband is gonna have his dad’s adorable face.

Amber Rose is expecting to give birth reportedly in January 2013.

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