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Dave Chappelle Show: Memphis Review

David Chappelle Show

Dave Chappelle (@DaveChappelle) performed standup comedy last night, June 12th, 2012 in Memphis TN, at the famous Orpheum Theatre. After being on hiatus from his very popular Comedy Central show, The Chappelle Show, and after a long media showdown of rumors, he decided to hit the scene with a last minute stand-up performance, which quickly turned into a sold-out show. Funnyman Prescott, DJ for Memphis’ K97, opened the show with a comedic performance fit for Memphis natives and Devin Steele, also a Memphis DJ with K97, set the tone playing everything from Beastie Boys to Tupac to keep the crowd hype.

It was definitely a diverse crowd from old school comedy lovers to a large University of Memphis student turnout. There is no doubt that fans of all ages have been missing Dave Chappelle out on the comedy scene. Dave first opened with, “Now I ain’t got any jokes for yall.” He spoke about Memphis favorites such as “Hustle and Flow,” riding his bike through “the hood” and staying at the Peabody Hotel. He mentioned his hiatus and spoke about his family and taking a break. He had ladies yelling, “Take off your shirt” because of his new toned look. He also had a crowd member throw him a bottle of the all popular, Fireball, cinnamon whiskey on stage, which he joked about but actually kept. He got plenty of laughs from the crowd, but one thing that was not only an annoyance, but also a downfall of the show, was the hecklers. You would hear a shout from one person, then a “Shut the F$#K up” from other crowd members, which really cut into the show. Dave described the show as turning into more of a press conference than a comedy show. He handled it well, but you could tell being a comedian with people like that in your crowd isn’t easy. He ended the show saying he was about to go hit up Beale Street and enjoy some Blues!

Overall, Dave looked fit, happy and ready to hit the scene. I overheard people after the show saying, “Man it was just good to hear his voice again” and “I hope he makes a big comeback with a show again.” Of course, one of his comments to the crowd was, “I was sitting back in my dressing room thinking to myself, I’m about done with this sh*t,” which we all hope is not true. Dave is a true talent, the realest of the real and the best of the best. We hope the heckling doesn’t keep him from hitting the stage again and of course doesn’t keep him from coming back to Memphis! “Come on Dave,” we love you.

DeAnna Brown (@DJoJoBee)
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  1. I am a hugh Dave Chappelle fan & it was great to be able to see him in Memphis. I agree that the show was slow in parts but the man has been taking a break from all this for a long time. If the idiots yelling out things would just stay quiet & enjoy the show & let the man speak things might have been different. I wanted to walk out myself but it was from the village idiots who just wouldn’t shut up. Ive been to tons of comedy shows and there is one person that just won’t keep there trap shut but here in Memphis it was just sad how people acted. A big thanks go out to all the idiots that yelled out during the show. I paid money to hear Dave Chappelle not several drunk idiots yell out commands and badger the entertainer. Take that crap somewhere else

  2. I love Dave, But I am sorry that show was horrible. The only reason people yelled anything at him or “heckled” was because there was so much downtime!! He wouldn’t have had his 5 jokes during the night if people hadn’t kept asking him questions or commenting. he smoked at least 6 cigarettes during a 2 hour show. I saw numerous people get up and walk out and I would have myself if I would have driven. I kept hoping that he would have a great finale but that didn’t happen either. there may have been 5 good jokes in a 2 hour show. He said he didn’t prepare any jokes and he was not lying. I love dave but was very disappointed and know many of his fans feel the same. He has made his money and doesn’t care anymore about the people that made him famous anymore. His finale was ” I usually end with a big finale…but now I am 40…let me finish this up so I can hit up Beale and listen to blues.”

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