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What Online Tools Are Now Essential Parts of Modern Lifestyle?

Modern-day lifestyle is now being driven by online brands more than ever such as TikTok, YouTube, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Valorant and others who are redesigning lifestyle as we once known it to be.

The internet era has brought about a rise in countless things that didn’t exist before but now seem indispensable. Imagine going back in time thirty years and not having access to all the websites, information, and entertainment that is at your fingertips today. It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? But if you were to consider the biggest trends and the most necessary aspects of the internet, what would make the cut? Here are three trends that appear to have become absolutely essential in recent times.


TikTok has only been in existence for a short amount of time, but it is already something that a lot of internet users couldn’t dream of going without. The Chinese video-sharing app was released in 2016, and by 2019 it was declared the 7th most downloaded app of the decade. It allows users to record short video clips, with some of the most popular options being lip syncing and dancing.

The app designed by ByteDance is now available in 40 different languages and has become a global sensation, with rising user figures each year. It has been endorsed by numerous celebrities including Jimmy Fallon and Tony Hawk, and continues to evolve each year. TikTok could be a part of our daily lives for some time.

Online Gaming
Arcades used to be the number one hangout spot for youths in the USA, as gamers got together and competed for high scores. The desire to compete at video games is still there, but the setting has moved to the internet. There is plenty of collaboration and competition in online gaming, with titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty giving players a lot of freedom to play in their own way.

For older players, online casinos have taken over from the pre-internet settings in terms of popularity, and could one day render brick and mortar gambling houses obsolete. New online casinos crop up on a regular basis, which is why sites that compare providers, review the games and recommend bonuses are frequently updated with new offers as they come about.


YouTube is arguably the most important website on the internet, and one which so many users are simply hooked on. The video-sharing service, which was conceived in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim brings in an estimated $15 billion in annual revenues. More than 300 hours of content are uploaded to the site every minute, which highlights just how popular it is.

Being such a stalwart of the internet age, YouTube is gearing up to evolve for the next stage of technology developments as well. It already has live streaming capabilities and will most certainly make use of virtual reality when the tech goes mainstream.

All of these things have become integral parts of modern lifestyle, and it seems crazy to imagine a world without them now. Entertainment is in the best place it has ever been, and the future looks bright.

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