PHOTO: Kanye West With His Pants Down With Kim Kardashian
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Kanye West Caught Pants Down; Kim Kardashian Explains Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTOS)

PHOTO: Kanye West With His Pants Down With Kim Kardashian

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Kanye got caught with his pants down. Well, to be exact, with his pants unzipped as he and Kim Kardashian exited his Mercedes Maybach as they headed for a dinner date at N62 restaurant in New York.

Yes, the two are allegedly dating for those who didn’t get the A.P.B. a few weeks ago. As Kim Kardashian always puts it, she’s just leaving her options open, maybe that is the reason his fly was open.

As for the reasoning behind why Kanye West’s pants where not fitting as they normally should, Kim Kardashian had an answer for it. According to Kim K, while Kanye West was getting out of the car, his heavy belt got pulled by the hook on his Maybach door as he was getting out.

“… he was trying to pull it up quick and his belt was really heavy. It was a wardrobe malfunction…”

Kim Kardashian went on to say that it was nothing intentional.

Meanwhile, there is gossip of marriage for the two, which we surely doubt Kim Kardashian is ready to jump the broom so quickly after spending only a mere 72 days married to NBA player Kris Humphries on last year. But hey, hasn’t Kayne West been in the picture the entire time?

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