Gangsta Pat On Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul: ‘Ain’t No More Beef, Let It Go’


Memphis rap icon, Gangsta Pat, recently shared his thoughts on some Memphis rap fans’ fascination with a beef between him and Three 6 Mafia. learned that, in a recent post on Facebook, the “I’m The Gangsta” rapper expressed his respect, which he basically says is mutual, for DJ Paul.

This is what the rapper had to say regarding fans believing that there is a beef with him and Three 6 Mafia’s co-founding member DJ Paul.

“At the end of the day I know D.J. Paul got love for me and I still got love for him,” stated Gangsta Pat in his post adding “Aint no more beef so let it go!”

In related news, Gangsta Pat made a cameo appearance in DJ Paul’s reunited Da Mafia 6ix video “Lock Em In Da Trunk” featuring producer DJ Zirk.

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