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Soul Star Entertainment’s Teflon Don Talks ”God, The Government, and The Game”

In an interview with, Teflon Don goes in depth as to what his upcoming album is about “God, The Government, The Game,” and how being in the Military has changed him.

Rapper Teflon Don born Donald Askew states the military and his past has helped shape him to become the rapper he is today. Teflon Don won over Industry judges at the Showcase & Industry Network where he performed his song “I Represent” ft. Tom Skeemask in front of two-time SEA Award-winning DJ Freddy Hydro who’s responsible for talent such as Soulja Boy and artist Trai’D who was recently signed to Hitz Committee a subsidiary of Jive Records, music producer Kurt Clayton who’s produced for Three 6 Mafia and a number of movies, Memphis Grammy President and national music producer/songwriter Al Kapone, TV and radio personality Tina Tilton (88.5 FM), Kevin Nix (L. Nix & Mastering/Ardent Studios) and a host of other showcase judges and industry professionals.

With an upcoming album in the works entitled “God, The Government, The Game”, Teflon Don brings everything to the forefront and to the listeners’ ears as he speaks on the major things effecting the world today and the number one conversation amongst politicians, the religious and the streets — “God, The Government, The Game”. Teflon Don has been able to experience all sides by representing his country, having faith, and being from the streets. In an interview with, Teflon Don goes more indepth as to what his upcoming album is about “God, The Government, The Game,” how being in the Military has changed him and what fans should be looking forward to. Many know who you are now from winning the Showcase, but for those who don’t know you tell them who is Teflon Don?

Teflon Don: Teflon Don is an individual who believes in God first off, who is wanting to pursue a career with music to tell the world his testimony with God the Government and the Game. How did you end up with the name Teflon Don?

Teflon Don: I am a military man who went to Iraq in 2003 and I used to take my vest anywhere, even the restroom. My army co-workers made fun of me and called me “Teflon Don” and it stuck with me ever since then. You’re in the Army, right? Were you rapping before you went into the military?

Teflon Don: Yes, but not very serious it was a hobby with nothing to talk about. I was trying to rap like everybody from Memphis then. When was it that you first started rapping?

Teflon Don: I started trying to rap at Trezevant High School and as time went by I got better and better. What got you into it?

Teflon Don: Yo Gotti got me wanting to become a rapper just watching him from 7th thru 9th grade in class so I was inspired and wanted to try it too. How has the military affected your rapping and how has the military changed you?

Teflon Don: The military trained my voice to were I can give you some new flavor with some Memphis swag. The military taught me how to be independent and more responsible with all business paperwork. That is why I started my own record company and publishing company. How would you describe your style?

Teflon Don: An original crunk sound. Earlier this year you won over Industry judges at the Showcase, what did it feel like winning?

Teflon Don: It felt good to win but I didn’t care about winning really because I was there to give my all and to win a fan base not the whole show. Would you say you’ve changed since you won and has your outlook on your talent changed?

Teflon Don: Yes, ever since I won my music has been getting better and better. What have you been doing since winning?

Teflon Don: Finishing up my album and pushing my single “Shorty so Fine”. Your upcoming album is titled God, The Government, The Game. How did you end up coming up with that title?

Teflon Don: I grew up with Church in me (God), and military (Government), and I grew up in North Memphis getting different trades (Game). Black Mike, my friend and family, thought of this and brought it to my attention. What is it about God, The Government, The Game you want people to know about? What you trying to express with this album?

Teflon Don: I am not coming in the game glorifying being a gangster and selling dope. I am promoting my album of struggling, striving and succeeding with representation of my city, life, with love and honor for my God and my country. The new single “Shorty So Fine” is tight. How did you end up collaborating with Merse’ and coming up with the single?

Teflon Don: Well Mers’e is under the production of my cousin with “Ebbtight Productions” in Murfreesboro. We always said that we were going to collab and that is just what we did. We all know that some artists feel that they don’t get the support in Memphis they need from DJ’s, on radio, Club DJ’s, promoters and others in the Industry, what’s your take on this and have you been getting what you would call support from the City?

Teflon Don: I feel like most Dj’s in Memphis want to be wined and dined like females and they want there bills payed just like females so they don’t care about talent, it’s about promoting they inner clicks and looking for tricks. I ain’t the one. I’d rather struggle and wait on God to tell me it’s time.

Teflon Don: For the Dj’s who love to be the first to play good music, here I am and I apologize if I offended you — that message wasn’t for you. And for most of the radio staff, I have been getting numerous emails saying that they have requested my single but the radio station just blow them off so that tells you about Memphis Radio stations. We heard you had a couple of deals offered on the table from some labels. Can you say anything about that now and how it’s going?

Teflon Don: I have but I really am not wanting to bring it up at this moment. I got the offers with the no radio play or cd sells . So who have you been working with on your album?

Teflon Don: Producers are Tracksmith, Young Juve, Bogus, Big Roe, Ebbtight Productions, Subject, JT, and myself and artists are Tom Skeemask, Subject, Nasty Nardo, Mac E, Famous, Sean G, Lil Floyd, Bj, and Mers’e. Is there anyone that you wanted to work with on the album that you haven’t had a chance to work with, but hope to work with in the future?

Teflon Don: Eightball and Mjg. Is there any advice that you would like to give to other up and coming artists such as yourself that may be going through what you have already been through?

Teflon Don: Put God first and don’t worry about these earthly people, if this is what God wants you to do you will make it anyway. So what’s in store for Teflon Don?

Teflon Don: Success. Well we look forward to seeing more of you and doing this again as things move along, is there anything you would like to add?

Teflon Don: Just to thank you and everyone for the support.

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