Mimi Confesses to Erica and Ariane about tape with Nikko
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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 3: Mimi Faust Let’s Secret Scandal Videotape w/ Nikko Out The Closet

Mimi Confesses to Erica and Ariane about tape with Nikko

A new video trailer for the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season 3 reality television show shows a scene of Mimi Faust letting the secret out about her sex tape video with her man Nikko Smith.

In the video scene, Mimi Faust is sitting with Lil Scappy’s ex-fiancee Erica Dixon and her friend Ariane Davis.

Mimi reveals to Ariane and Erica that she and Nikko made a sex tape and they both each have a copy.

Erica at some point warns Mimi she should be the only one with a copy of their tape because she would not trust a copy of the tape in a man’s hand that she might break up with and anything else could happen.

As we already now, ‘anything’ has already happened – as the now popular Mimi & Nikko Scandal In Atlanta tape is currently being sold and distributed by Vivid after news of the tape leaked online last month, April 2014.

Still, Mimi insisted she was going to do what she wanted to do even though she appreciated the advice of her friends.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming 3rd season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi’s confession to Ariane and Erica about her tape which starts airing Monday, May 5, 7PM CST on VH1.

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