Migos fight Nashville chain snatch
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Caught on Video: Migos Fight in Brawl With Fans at Nashville Show After ‘Chain Snatch’

Migos fight Nashville chain snatch

It seems like Atlanta hip hop trio Migos’ rap song “Fight Night” came to life at a recent Nashville concert where an all-out brawl broke out.

Reportedly, while at a show performance at LimeLight Nightclub in Nashville, TN, a member of the group had his chain snatched from his neck.

Attempting to get the chain back, the rapper went into the crowd after the attempted chain snatcher and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Bodies began to pile up as people were falling to the floor or either being knocked to the floor when Migos and fans all allegedly began fighting as the security was fighting to bring back order.

Meanwhile, whoever the DJ is, he did not have a good night as it looks like all his equipment was surely destroyed in the midst of the brawl.

The entire melee was captured on video.

Migos is definitely not new to incidents occurring as, back in March, there was a shootout at their show in Miami.

Watch the footage from the chaotic event at the Migos show in Nashville.

Let this photo posted online be a warning to all chain snatchers, apparently this is what happens when you try to snatch a chain at a Migos event.

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