Woman, Elda Shepherd, Wakes Up To Man In Her Room, Attacks Him at Dominican Republic Resort, Social Media Jumps In To Help

Social media jumps in to help woman at Dominican Republic resort after she wakes up to intruder in her room.

A woman allegedly woke up to an intruder in her hotel room at the Breathless Punta Cana Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic.

This story follows after recent travel news on the deaths of 3 different people who stayed at the Dominican Republic hotel named Bahia Principe Hotel in La Romana who died five days apart last month.

Reports like this are putting a lot of people on edge about traveling to the Dominican Republic and other destinations and this story may put even more people on alert while traveling.

A woman by the name of Elda Shepherd took to social media about what happened to her while staying at Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa and what was currently going on as it was happening. Shepherd’s post got social media into action with friends, family and strangers participating to make sure she was safe.

It is believed that Elda Shepherd traveled with a group through World Class Global Connect LLC travel agency however, traveled without a companion therefore booking her room as a single occupant.

According to the account by Elda Shepherd, she had returned to her room after being out and decided to relax with a drink and take a dip in the hot tub. Shepherd says she went to the front desk to get assistance with the hot tub and an employee was sent and got it started and left.

After this, Shepherd stated that she went to bed about 11’ish and at around 2AM she woke up to the guy who had fixed the hot tub in her room as she laid naked.

The man was stated to have not spoken English and instead used his phone to ask her, “Why are you alone, you don’t want company?”

It seems Shepherd’s adrenaline kicked into gear after this and she jumped up.

“One of us has to die, and I’m going home to my kids” and starting swinging….

Elda Shepherd says the man ran out after she started swinging and this is when she took to social media to update on what had just happened to her.

Shepherd was told that the police is allegedly only open from 9 to 5 and was also told that the guy was already arrested which made her question the hotel.

In addition, Shepherd said the hotel tried to bribe her with money following the incident.

Friends and family encouraged Shepherd not to go anywhere with the hotel staff who came to talk to her more than once. Everyone encouraged Shepherd to wait it out for the U.S. Embassy and police, which she did.

In the end, the man was identified in a line-up.

Shepherd came back to update everyone via a live video about her safety and she informed viewers that she stayed in a friend’s room.

Unfortunately, due to the long process that she had to endure, she stated that she missed her flight and had to stay another night in the Dominican Republic.

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  1. I hope you learned from what this lady had to endure. I hope this never happens to you honey. I have a suggestion for you. Pls consider using the information that I’m going to give you to enhance yourself: learn how to spell baby. I see you are trying to figure this story out; while hurling insults based on opinion, not facts.The truth is that you can benefit from taking one, two, or five English courses yourself. You can’t spell. Haven’t anyone ever told you, ” if you can’t SPELL it, dont SAY it

  2. I dont know. For lack of better words she sounds getto to me in her writing & speaking. 1st off if i were alone i& i do this when my husband is with me. I always lock the dead bolt. 2nd am i to believe that she beat this man? And if so i didnt hear anything about any marks on ether of them.
    3rdly a 2,000.00 bribe? More like the hotel gave her money back & wanted her to go away.
    Look bad s--t happens to good people every day & every where. Their are just as many cons rapusts & murders here in the sorry but her story has no meaning to me. She stood up and started swinging? Did this guy fight back? I find it hard to believe he just ran away.

    • Have you ever heard of “Spell Check”? You’re throwing stones in a Glass House. 🤣 “Getto” (Ghetto) “rapusts”(Rapists) “Their are”, should be (They are). I cannot stand when people try to tear apart someone about their Grammar and Spelling, but these comments are just so atrocious, it made me take an exception to respond. How about all of you criticizing the Woman, the Victim… with all of the adrenaline running through her from fighting off an Attacker… try typing on your cell phone as fast as you can with shaking hands… not knowing if you’ll have time to post it before the attacker comes back. You clearly couldn’t while typing up your drivel – and you weren’t just attacked🤣
      It’s always easier to judge, but apparently you and the rest of Negative Trolls weren’t properly taught by your parents: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”, just scroll, scroll onnnnnn.

  3. If all this s--t going on over there,why in the hell is people still willing to go there?it doesn’t make sense….think people…..

  4. Suppose to be traveling here in a few days now I dnt want to it’s starting to feel like no where is safe at this point. I’ve been making myself paranoid reading all these stories and with so many mixed reviews you have no clue what to believe anymore…where’s all this security other folks speak of in their reviews.

  5. You have the be very careful not just there but others places as well folks are just crazy and mean Thank God that she fought back it’s just horrible and for that person that said this was fake don’t bring karma to your door I promise you that you wouldn’t like it it’s her story not yours stay safe

  6. Im staying out of those beautiful exotic places! I have a passport, but…im not going…they are desperate over there and have no laws such as the United States!

  7. As single travelers we must take precautions and I am not sure if people are aware that they should lock and latch their doors while in their rooms.

    • Have you been watching her videos on her page. She has been recording every incident. You must be a Trump support, because the proof is in the pudding and you think it’s fake news🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    • It’s 100% true. The videos are public. The man used a key to get into her room. You know, the same way the cleaning staff let’s themselves in. Dig deeper….

    • Why don’t you go to DR and hopefully someone targets you and then maybe we’ll tell you your accusations are false

  8. Thank God for your safety! That was my next trip this year. However, I am cancelling regardless whether I lose my money or not.
    I never take trips along though.
    Stay Safe! Blessings and To God Be the Glory!

    • Thank God!! Everything worked out and you are safe. Too many incidents are going on over there. I only travel there once for vacation

  9. This is so disappointing and unnerving. I am a single independent travel agent who books lots of travel for other singles including myself.

  10. Thank you for sharing this story this young lady is my god sister and and my youngest daughter’s godmother and hopefully her experience will help others who plan on vacationing in punta cana not to until the government deems it safe

  11. I thank God you have kept social media abreast. A lot of tourist are dead and people are confused about their death.
    Thank you for fighting back stay with people you trust until you leave.
    Be careful going into restrooms or any isolated areas. God bless you !

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