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Watch The Haves and the Have Nots, Season 4, Episode 1 Kick Off With Death, Arrests More

The Haves and The Have Nots

Tyler Perry’s hit television soap opera, “The Haves and the Have Nots,” is back with Season 4 and it returned to where it left off with the suspense.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Season 4, Episode 1, which aired on Jan. 5, well we certainly don’t want to spoil it for you but we will definitely make you want to see it.

In the season premiere, “The Waters Run Deep,” Candace and Jeffrey are contemplating on what to do with Quincy (father of Candace’s son) after they unfortunately killed him after he surprisingly showed up last season on the finale to Candace’s home and begin fighting her viciously. Candace was losing the fight with Quincy and Jeffery had to step in and after he stepped in Candace frantically grabbed a knife and stabbed Quincy multiple times killing him.

In the premiere, Jeffrey is unraveling and driving Candace insane while she is trying to gather her thoughts about what would be the worse and the best thing to do for them both. Jeffrey cannot contain himself and made an attempt to call the police which resulted with Candace tossing his phone in the garbage disposal.

Candace attempted to get Jeffrey to drink to calm his nerves but he couldn’t handle being bloody and having a body lying on the floor.

Jeffery starting stripping his clothes off as Candace chased behind him. Jeffery insisted to Candace that he wash the blood off in the shower and shockingly Candace insisted that they both should and she ended up taking a shower with Jeffery.

As for Jim Cryer, Katheryn Cryer, David Harrington and Veronica Harrington, they all were taken into custody by the police after Wyatt Cryer gave up information on last season to District Attorney Jennifer Sallison.

Wyatt Cryer gave up the evidence, gave up his parents and even agreed to a plea deal with the DA.

Wyatt’s mother Katheryn Cryer, on the other hand, cannot grasp at the idea of prison while she and Veronica Harrington are being finger printed. When Katheryn is asked for her jewelry and other belongings she got defensive as Veronica gave her grim smile as always. What was interesting is what the correctional officer asks them to do next.

As for James ‘Jim’ Cryer and David Harrington, the two are giving each other the cold shoulder after being booked and cavity searched.

David Harrington lets Jim Cryer know that he is not stupid and he should call off whatever he is planning to do to his wife.

Jim, who believes David knew what his wife had done to Wyatt on last season, continues to hold his grudge.

Meanwhile, campaign manager Maggie Day believes that the married man she wants so desperately, David Harrington, needs a woman who will treat him right. Maggie Day is seen putting a masterpiece media/PR campaign plan together to give to the press after her own investigative spying on last season.

Prayerful Hanna Young, who wishes to be no parts of her daughter Candace’s sinful and lying ways, is coming to grips with losing her home after her grandson Q’s father (Quincy) crashed into the house with his car and caused it to burn down.

Hanna, who is trying to obtain custody of her grandson, is staying at a hotel and her son Benjamin “Benny” Young offers her to stay at the house that Candace bought for him.

As for the fate of Wyatt, who is being naive with the DA, further discusses with the DA what is needed next and reveals that he has an inheritance.

Wyatt and the DA discuss a scheme together that you’ll just have to watch to see about.

For now watch catch up on The Haves and The Have Nots Season 4, Episode 1 below.

The Haves and The Have Nots Season 4, Episode 2

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