Was Project Pat ‘Punished for his Rap Lyrics?’

You are probably aware that Patrick Houston aka Project Pat was arrested on weapons’ charges sometime ago and the courts allegedly allowed use of his rap lyrics against him. His case along with a number of others are evidence that rap artists are not looked upon as people with an entertainment job. Does rap entertainment not get the respect as movie and television entertainment and why? Must Patrick Houston suffer for performing as Project Pat or is Patrick Houston and Project Pat the same. Is Arnold really Terminator? Have artists given us the perception that they are the artists they perform as 24/7? Have we as fans brainwashed ourselves into believing rap artists have no family, no bills, don’t empty the trash or have any normal life what so ever and instead live the life they rap about all day, all nite everyday?

Actors’ movie/television roles aren’t used against them so whassup with that? Do you feel rap music is respected as a form of entertainment? Or can fans only appreciate the rap form if the artist(s) live or have lived what they rap?

If you have any thoughts at all on this matter, please feel free to post a comment(s), and/or contact us by email so that we may obtain a statement from you on this matter..

Note: Free Project Pat

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