Update: Pro Wrestler Chris Benoit Murdered Wife and Disabled Son

In this tragic tale regarding professional wrestler Chris Benoit, police reports believe that he murdered his wife Nancy Benoit and seven year-old son Daniel..

In this tragic tale regarding professional wrestler Chris Benoit, police reports believe that he murdered his wife Nancy Benoit and seven year-old son Daniel by asphyxiation before killing himself.

Before jumping to conclusion World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon is asking authorities not to “rush to judgment” after finding steroids in Chris Benoit’s Atlanta home. In addition to finding steroids, there was a number of prescription drugs found. McMahon calls it “all speculation” until toxicology test are in. The toxicology reports are expected to be in within the next few weeks.

Authorities working on the case have revealed that Benoit illegally obtained steroids, human growth hormone, and testosterone on the Internet from a Florida business called MedXLife.

So far six people have pleaded guilty to supplying Benoit with drugs, 20 others have been arrested for further interrogation.

The WWE states that they have strict testing procedures ever since Benoit’s friend and fellow MedXLife customer Eddie Guerrero died of heart failure in 2005. The last drug test done on Benoit was in April and he was clean at the time. No one is allowed to used illegal drugs, whereas ‘ prescribed steroids are allowed under their ‘Wellness Policy’.

An attorney for WWE believes that the wrestler was arguing with his wife over the care for their mentally disabled son days before the entire family was found dead.

According Scott Ballard, district attorney for Fayette County, Daniel seemed to have been killed in a chokehold because he had internal neck injuries but no visible bruises. There was also needle marks found on his arms. The wrestlers is stated to have been giving his son growth hormones because he was unhappy with his drawf like appearance, Ballard confirmed. Nancy Benoit, 43, had bruises on her back and stomach, indicating her husband had his knee in her back as he pulled on a cord that was around her neck. Chris Benoit killed himself by wrapping a cord around his neck that was attached to a weight machine. He released the almost 240 pounds of weights to cause strangulation, Ballard said.

During the weekend, Benoit made groggy calls to co-workers and left text messages, according to WWE employees and reports. In other calls, Benoit said his wife and son were sick with food poisoning and that they had gone to the hospital which made his employers curious. The wrestler had to be replaced at the last minute for a pay-per-view title fight in Houston, Texas.

This mystery has everyone somewhat baffled by the motive and wondering what actually caused the pro wrestler to end not only the life of his wife and son, but even his own.

District Attorney Scott Ballard admits, “When you’re talking about the death of a seven-year-old boy, what motive could there be? “(The deaths are) quite bizarre. None of it takes away from the fact that it’s just a huge tragedy. I’m just blown away by the fact that a seven-year-old boy has been killed.”

In 2003, Nancy Benoit filed for divorce but later dropped the complaint, which has raised questions as to rather she was rethinking of divorcing the wrestler. Could foul play be involved in the case and has been covered up extremely well?

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