The Hot Spots of Cashville’s Nightlife

The party scene in Nashville, TN has been doing well for a number of years now. There were some problems a couple of years ago and several nightclubs where fights turned to gunplay. Most of those shootings had major effects on the clubs that they occurred at. The majority of the clubs closed down for good or for several months, until they could get things to the point where people forgot about what happened there.

On Sunday May 21, 2006, another shooting ended up on the news. It was an event where an artist performed and the attendance was good. The night ended with four people being shot and going to the hospital for treatment. The owner of the nightclub said that a number of things will be changed to help prevent another scene like this from happening again. For one, live performance will be limited if they would have any at all. The age limit will be changed to help with the problem, and better security will be emplaced to provide a safer place for those in attendance. The state of Tennessee is looking to take the clubs liquor license, which will have a major effect on the clubs income.

Besides the shootings and fighting in the Nashville nightlife, another damper has been put on the club scene in Nashville. The club 615, one of the popular clubs in the urban community is closing its doors on Sunday May 28, 2006. They have not officially said why they are closing, or if they will be reopening.

So where will be the hot spots in Nashville for the urban community? There are a couple of places left for the young adults to be entertained. First Fridays Nashville is a safe place for young urban professionals to socialize, Level 88 is another clubs that focus’ on live entertainment with a classy feel, The Rhythm Kitchen is an up and coming club, and John Henry’s which is located on Jefferson St. is still holding their own in the Nashville night club scene. Therefore, there still are a few choices for the young adults in Nashville to choose from for a good and safe time.

— Rodrice

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