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Teen Mob Attack at Memphis Kroger Called Racially-Fueled, Linked to Rap Videos

Ken Gotti feat Carlos - CSG Diss

Ever since video surfaced of a group of teenagers attacking employees on a Kroger parking lot, sources have been calling the attack everything from gang-related to now racially fueled.

As reported on, two Kroger employees were attacked by a mob of teens in a Kroger parking lot at Poplar Plaza after the employees came to the aid of customers being attacked.

The incident which was caught on cellphone video reportedly occurred after teens left a fight at a nearby Ci-Ci’s Pizza in the same shopping center.

Now sources are claiming that the teens planned to meet up at the restaurant as part of gang-related activity linked to a group called ‘Fam Mob’ which some teens are reportedly heard screaming in the video.

Some sources have looked up the ‘Fam Mob’ and found videos associated with the group and are now linking it to the Kroger incident.

Even controversial Memphis radio/TV personality Thaddeus Matthews also sparked up a conversation with his group of fans over his Facebook regarding a rap video which is called “CSG Diss” by artist Ken Gotti featuring Carlos.

Another news source, Western Journalism, referred to the Kroger incident in a report as a ‘black-on-white gang attack’ and referenced a rap video entitled ‘Black Fam Mob.’

Meanwhile, as many sources are referring to it as a racially-fueled attack, others say that after watching the video, it shows that the attack on the employees was random because they were possibly the only people to run into the parking lot as the group of teens were running from the Ci-Ci’s Pizza. Meaning, this incident could happen at any moment, anywhere to anyone.

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