Ennisha-Devers, 16, mother of Omaha swearing and cursing toddler
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Swearing Toddler Cursing in Video and His Teen Mom BOTH To Be Placed in Foster Home

Ennisha-Devers, 16, mother of Omaha swearing and cursing toddler

New details are in regarding the swearing toddler seen cursing like a sailor in a video that went viral over the Internet.

In the video, the diaper wearing toddler, believed to be no more than two or three years old, is seen throwing up his middle finger while being coerced and encouraged, by adults heard in the video, to speak profanities.

The mother of the swearing toddler has surfaced and is no more than a teenage 16 year-old herself.

The teen mother and the toddler, who have been separated since the video, are both now possibly set to be placed in the same foster home or separate homes following the controversial video.

The mother claims she had nothing to do with the child cursing and swearing and did not teach the child to be that way claiming it was friends of her brother.

The child’s father was reportedly killed in an alleged gang related shooting when he was just 17 years-old.

The baby toddler was reportedly injured himself in an alleged October gang shooting which sent gunshots riddling through the door of the home the child was in.

Ennisha Devers, the 16 year-old mother, who says she had no knowledge of the videotape, says her son is a smart little boy that doesn’t do or isn’t allowed to do all of that cursing, but adds, “kids curse, every kid does it.”

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