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YAP writes Submit Your Music Mobile 2 Music. Mobile2Music creates ringtones for Independent Artists. We are looking for artists for our tour and ringtones. The Ringtone Industry has exploded to a $500 Billion Dollar Industry. Major Label executives and recordings artists are making tons of money off ringtones. Some recording artists are selling more ringtone downloads than CD’s Now (M2M) Mobile2 Music Promotion seeks indie recording artists and record labels for mobile promotion.

Mobile2Music provides artist promotion on the largest distribution network. M2Music helps artists make money from their musical content. We transform your songs into ringtones, and you’re able to make money of the ringtones that your fans download. This is the largest distribution network to make money and promote your music.

We provide independent artists with ringtones that they provide their fans with.

Mobile2Music creates ringtones for Independent Artists.

Mobile2Music promotes your music videotones for downloads. Fans can download your music video for a premium price.

The average ringtone download is around $ 2.99 plus tax.







Payouts of royalties are made monthly. There is no limit on the amount of money you can make on your music. The more people that download the more in your pocket. There is no upfront fee for this service.
We create 5 ringtones for you at no charge.

Add the Power of Mobile 2 Your music promotion

Ringtone Sells help music sells ring up

Sell your ringtones and to 80 countries worldwide

Music Video Downloads

Mobile 2 Music provides largest distribution network to promote your music.

Empower your fans with the ability to download your ringtone to their mobile phone

Email yapevents@ or call 901.328.8379

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