Students Told To Shave Eyebrows Off

Students Told To "Shave Eyebrows Off" or Don’t Come Back To School

Students Told To Shave Eyebrows Off

Students at an Oregon high school have been told to shave their eyebrows off or don’t come back to school because they’re too gang-like.

Students have been told they can’t wear brand name clothes, they must wear uniforms. Students have been told they cannot wear saggy pants, they must pull their pants up. Students have been told that they can’t wear revealing clothing all which probably don’t bring much argument from parents. However, in Portland, Oregon there might be just a little bit of ‘difference of opinion’ from parents after news of what a Portland high school is demanding of students.

According to the Chronicle-Telegram students at Centennial High School in Portland, Oregon have “shaved vertical lines into their eyebrows” like “hip-hop star Soulja Boy”. Now the school is asking them to either shave their eyebrows off or don’t come back to school.

The assistant principal at Centennial High, Mark Porterfield, has said the students are not suspended, but they cannot come back to school unless they shave their eyebrows.

Reasoning behind the school request is that police are making claims that the use of the shaving eyebrow with one line in one eyebrow and three in the other brow symbolizes the gang marking 13.

The trend of vertical lines in the eyebrow that the Chronicle-Telegram stated was made popular by rapper Soulja Boy actually dates back as far as the early 1990’s in Hip-Hop with groups like Kriss Kross who were popularly known for their 1992 music single “Jump Jump” and even popular rapper Vanilla Ice sported the vertical lines in the brow.

One of the students, Andy Gonzalez who is a junior at Centennial High with one vertical line shaved down his brow stated that he isn’t in a gang and is simply trying to ‘look cool and impress the girls’.

Other schools have reportedly made similar policies before Centennial High who mocked the policy following theirs, however the other schools where said to only be looking for the 13 markings.

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