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School Accuses 9 Yr Old of Sexual Harassment For Calling Teacher ‘Cute’

A 9 year old boy in Gastonia, North Carolina has been accused of sexual harassment after calling his school teacher ‘cute.’

Brookside Elementary student, Emanyea Lockett, was apparently having a conversation with a fellow student and friend when a substitute teacher overheard him calling his teacher Miss Taylor ‘cute.’

What did he get for his ‘schoolboy crush?’ Lockett was accused of sexual harassment and was suspended from school for two days.

Reportedly, the substitute teacher thought it was ‘inappropriate’ and the Principal of Brookside Elementary agreed and called Emanyea’s mother, Chiquita Lockett, saying the comment made by the fourth grader about his teacher was a form of “sexual harassment.”

More details of the suspension are not available, because officials have declined to comment on the incident claiming they can not discuss confidential student information.

The news of the incident has stirred controversy over the fact that the boy just said “cute” and he did not say it to the teacher but to his friend.

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