Ringing The Streets With Gangsta Boo, the Interview

April 19, 2004 – In an exclusive interview with, the acclaimed Queen of Memphis, Lady Gangsta Boo speaks about her current Mix CD “Street Ringer Vol. 2” and has but one thing to say about the rumor that has fans wandering is the Queen of Memphis aka “The Crazy Lady” about to get married?

And for those still wandering if Boo is down, maybe this will help. Gangsta Boo says “..stay down, cuz the ship is cruising, not sinking, so don’t get it twisted.” She did not make a drastic change but is only growing up, “..sorry yall, but Boo is grown now.” states Boo in this short interview with Check it out and stay tuned for more info on the new mix cd “Street Ringer Vol. 2” which is now hitting the streets and don’t forget to keep requesting the single “Sippin & Spinnin”.

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