ebola virus

Report of Texas Town Quarantined After Family Of Five Test Positive is NOT True

ebola virus

There’s a news report circulating of a story about the small town of Purdon, Texas been quarantined after a family of five there tested positive for Ebola – the fake story is a hoax.

The town of Purdon, which is located in Navarro County, Texas has not been quarantined.

There are also no reports of any official case of Ebola in the town of Purdon, which according to sources has a population of around 200 people.

The deadly Ebola virus, which is contracted through contact of blood or other body fluid, first appeared in South Sudan in June 1976 when the first outbreak reportedly killed over 100 people, then showed up again in the Congo around August 1976 killing over 200 people. It wasn’t until 1995 that another major outbreak was reported, happening this time in Congo again killing over 200 people.

Throughout 1995, when the second outbreak started in the Congo, up until 2013, the deadly virus had cases of outbreaks in the Congo.

It was in March 2014 when an outbreak reportedly struck in West Africa and, since that time, over 4,500 deaths have been reported, with some estimates higher.

It was just this October 2014 that the Ebola outbreak moved closer to home, when a Liberian national man, reportedly the first case of Ebola in America, died in Dallas, Texas. A nurse, who treated the man along with another Texas healthcare worker were diagnosed with the deadly disease weeks later.

The Ebola scare has led to false hoaxes, like the one of the town of Purdon, going viral online.

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