Rapper Remy Ma Goes On Trial; Claims Shooting Was An Accident

Remy Ma’s trial has began for shooting friend Makeda Joseph-Barnes and the rapper faces a maximum sentence of 25 years if convicted.

Former Terror Squad artist and Bronx rapper, Remy Ma born Remy Smith trial officially began yesterday, the rapper was looking to be charged in the case of the attempted murder of her former friend, Makeda Joseph-Barnes, whom she shot in the stomach in a dispute over missing money.

On Monday prosecutors told a Manhattan jury that the rapper attempted to flee the scene, and then tried to intimidate witnesses. Remy Ma is stated to have beaten two men along with her boyfriend, rapper Papoose, where one of the men was the boyfriend of an eyewitness to the shooting, assistant DA Jason Berland said.

“(Smith) is not the type of person to sit back and let people testify against her,” Berland said.

The rapper is charged with assault, witness intimidation and related charges for shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph after discovering that approximately $3,000 was missing from her purse.

Ivan Fisher, Remy Ma’s attorney displayed the shooting as an accident by reportedly stating Barnes-Joseph struggled over the gun and it went off accidentally, critically injuring Barnes-Joseph which is new info to the public.

Prosecutors depicted a different picture by stating, “Remy Ma leveled her .45-caliber. She cocked the slide, loading a bullet. The silver gun glinted in the pre-dawn street light as the rapper stared down the girlfriend she thought had swiped her cash.”

“I’m not playing,” she announced. “That’s my word. Dump your bag.”

“The defendant did not try to help the woman she had just shot,” assistant DA Jason Berland said in opening statements for the rapper’s assault trial. “Instead, she callously rummaged through [victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph’s] bag . . . and left her friend to die.”

Berland went on to speak about how the rapper dumped her SUV and hid out at a friend’s house. The rapper did not even attempt to call the police or seek medical help for her friend.

According to Remy’s attorney, Makeda Barnes-Joseph’s story took a dive when see filed a lawsuit seeking $20 million from the rapper. Since then, the lawsuit was withdrawn by Makeda Barnes-Joseph.

Remy Ma faces a maximum sentence of 25 years behind bars.

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