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Rapper Lil Wyte Explains Hip Hop Groupie ‘Boobs Flash’ Gone Wrong (Video)

Lil Wyte Groupie Gone Wrong

While in the studio with Wyte Recording artist Jelly Roll out of Nashville, fellow label-mate Memphis rapper Lil Wyte spoke about a hip-hop groupie b--b flash gone wrong.

Featured as a new segment on Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll’s vlog entitled “The Adventures of Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll (Don’t Mess With Wyte),” Wyte goes on to explain an incident that happened while Wyte was performing on stage of a hip-hop groupie flashing him.

Wyte explains that the girl got on stage after having an argument with her boyfriend. She started dancing and begins to pull up her shirt to flash as her boyfriend ‘bum rushes’ Lil Wyte sending him flying in the air off the stage.

Rapper Lil Wyte goes on to say that the crowd assumed the actual domestic dispute between the man and the girl flashing him was part of the show, which it wasn’t.

By this time, Lil Wyte claims that the man was then ‘bum-rushed’ himself by friends of Wyte Music and security who gave the drunken boyfriend a beat down.

Watch the video of Lil Wyte describing the hip-hop groupie b--b flash gone wrong.

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