Promoters Lock Doors At Lil Wayne Concert, Violence Breaks Out

A Lil Wayne concert ends with multiple fights and violence.

What suppose to have been a pleasant Lil Wayne concert ended with multiple violent incidents. On one occasion the concert promoters even locked all doors, which is considered a fire hazard, that prevented patrons from leaving the Straford Rex in London due to many trying to exit the venue due to fear and seldom gun violence occurring at events.

Sources state that at the concert Lil Wayne entered the stage of an overfilled complex which had attendees spilling onto the stage where he was performing. Lil Wayne began the concert with a solo guitar performance amidst backstage and side-stage violence including multiple fights which had both backstage media, groupies and other patrons running with fear as they all tried avoid the fighting that was going on while Lil Wayne was performing.

At one point the fights became so overwhelming, Lil Wayne’s bodyguards reportedly stepped in to secure the side stage removing people which eventually interrupted Lil Wayne’s set. As Lil Wayne stood on stage a bottle from the crowd flew onto the stage striking Lil Wayne in the chest at which point the rapper calmly gazed into the crowd but in awe. As the crowd was whewing and chanting the rapper stated, “Who ever just done that, this whole motherf–king crowd need to beat his a-s cause they just messed up the whole show.” After his statement, the crowd went haywire and started booing and throwing additional bottles onto the stage. The person who had thrown the bottle had been pulled to the back of the stage by security and everyone was told to vacate the building, but the promoters had locked the doors which made the concert attendees start to panic.

As Lil Wayne began walking off the stage, the promoters, began coercing him and his entourage to come back onto the stage to continue the show, which he returned back to shortly after. Lil Wayne proceeded to perform two more songs before exiting the building due to too many fights and disturbances.

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