Poll: Does Obama really have a chance?

Does Obama have what it takes to win the 2008 Presidential Election?

So far Obama has raised the most money in history for a presidential race, but still will he win? Is America really ready for a black president, what would happen, what would it be like?

The way it’s looking it will be something different either way because his main competition is a woman, you can ask yourself the same questions. Is America ready? Some say Hilary Clinton is the most qualified for the job and Obama has the look for the job. The republicans in the race haven’t raised as near as much as money as Hilary or Obama added together. Steve Colbert from Comedy Central’s Colbert Report has announced he is also running for President in 2008 as a democrat and as a republican. I really don’t know if I can take him serious or not, but he has appeared on a number of tv shows so-called campaigning.

So it’s really down to having a black or female president… is America ready?

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