Peach County HS Fights For Three 6 Mafia; Local Paper Calls Them Garbage

Three 6 Mafia

Peach County High School marching band students are upset Three 6 Mafia is being taken from their band’s repertoire.

Peach County High School marching band students and their parents are at wits end and are extremely upset that the song “Who Run It” by Three 6 Mafia is being ripped from their band’s repertoire.

As with any band, one knows that band members only play the melody of the song and not the words. So what’s wrong with this picture?

There are thousands of songs being played on hundreds of school campuses where the integrity of them could be questioned for having numerous gestures of sex or curse words in the original album version. A Macon Newspaper article published on states that it is about who is responsible for running the school, children or adults and parents should be very judicous when they decide to go to war with the school system. What does one song have to do with running a school?

The newspaper article goes on to state, “If parents wish to allow their children to listen to the garbage in “Who Run It,” that’s up to them, but the authority of what is played or not played during football games ultimately falls to school personnel.”

Some feel like this is a dislike of Three 6 Mafia or their music. Why? The statistics of the school were brought into the picture about the school not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress in 2005-2006 because the students were below the state’s Annual Measurable Objective and the school graduation rate was only 64.9 percent. It was also stated that the graduation rate of African-American students is only 56.2 percent. Now this raises the question: where are the other racial profiles in this picture?

Will the school restriction contribute to the crimes being committed, school drops out, etc? When will schools stop going against the students and begin working with the students and seeing what they can do to help improve things? Is the school trying to blame the students and Three 6 Mafia for their poor graduation rate? These are all questions that could be asked.

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