Obama Attracting Record Numbers of Young Voters In Pennsylvania

Young voters are are coming out in record numbers in Pennsylvania to support Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton and Obama’s battle in Pennsylvania begins Tuesday.

Reportedly voters are switching parties like never before over to Barack Obama and even more surprising than that, they are in the 18-29 age group.

Could it be Obama’s speeches and rallies of “hope” with phrases like “we can [change]” is attracting record numbers of young voters?

Whether it be his strong or straight forward speeches of hope and change, his opposition to the Iraq war, his outspokenness regarding the current President George W. Bush, Jr., or something else, there’s something definitely good about having young voters interacting in making a choice in selecting America’s next President.

At the University of Pittsburgh, students holding a rally for Obama encouraged more than a reported 2,000 students to register as Democrats in order to vote for the senator in Pennsylvania which does not allow independents to vote in primary contests.

“There were a lot of independents and Republicans who support Senator Obama who had to switch their registration for Tuesday’s primary,” said Sarah Posner, 21, the group’s leader told media.

This attraction of young voters for Barack Obama does not come at a surprise as a Zogby poll issued on Friday showed New York Senator Clinton, 60, led among Democratic voters older than 54, while Illinois Senator Obama, 46, led among young voters.

Outside of the people’s vote at the upcoming Tuesday’s primaries in Pennsylvania, there are 158 pledged delegates at stake. Hillary Clinton, may have to win the State to keep her campaign on board.

A total of 2,025 delegates is needed for either party to win the democratic party nomination. In the end there will not be enough delegates to receive nomination so it will come down to the 800 superdelegates which are not tied to the primary season results.

The remaining states after Pennsylvania are Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, South Dakota, Guam, North Carolina, Kentucky, Montana, and Puerto Rico.

Currently Obama has 1,644 delegates compared to Clinton’s 1,498.

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