North Memphis rapper Yo Gotti and crew, the Block Burnaz, mock Three Six Mafia

It was stated that at the recent “Crunk Fest”, held last Friday night at the Mid-South Coliseum, more than 40 people paraded on stage, including Yo Gotti who all sported red shirts which read ‘Triple B---h Mafia’ in bold white letters. Many say it was due to Three Six Mafia member Crunchy Blac’s recent remarks and put-downs of Yo Gotti’s recent signing with TVT Records as well as disses to other local artists on a local Memphis show entitled UGTV/Rap TV hosted by Joe Gotti which aired a couple weeks ago at it’s regularly scheduled time of Saturday at 9:30 PM on Channel 17. In the TV interview, Crunchy Blac says, “…to all ‘haters’, Kill Yourself!,” a line quoted from a song off the rapper’s upcoming debut album featuring his crew ‘The Hard Hitters’, of course Three Six Mafia & more. He also states in this interview that fans should look out for the new movie from Hypnotize Minds entitled “The Clean Up Guys.”

We (at believe in freedom of speech, but the display of derrogatory messages, especially in a crowd of potentially uncontrollable numbers, is uncaused for and something that may could have prevented the many fights and injuries that occured at the “Crunk Fest” event.

We are uncertain if any fights were caused because of this incident, but those who enraged other fans should keep in mind, that the more rap is associated with violence then the less rap events will be tolerated and the more harm you do to the emerging artists’ careers and the less our community will support our talented city of music hopefuls.

We would like to strongly point out that would never tolerate or support any such activities or events that allow artists to stir up commotion with the fans or mock each other. If you wish to battle, do it at the appropriate venue and time and in an entertaining fashion that doesn’t place fans or other artists in harm’s way.

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