Mr. Sche Interview with Pimpin Pens

Exclusive, 3 part series of an in-depth interview with the M-Town Immortal Mr. Sche.

Here’s a piece of the interview…..

[Pimpin’ Pens] 1. For those who aren’t familiar with you and Immortal inc.- Give a brief bio.

[Mr. Sche] Well you know basically I started in 94 man, I was a young cat running around the big boys, the veterans of the M-Town now just trying to get my a-s in. It was basically just me in the beginning, then I slowly grabbed other members and we just formed a group called “Lowlife”. From there the bigger we got, we tacked on more experiences and became “Immortal Lowlife,” and it just went from there. I always had a natural ear for producing and actually when I first started making music I was buying tracks. You know, because I didnt have the equipment so I had to go buy tracks from other cats. I started saying to myself, “Damn, I’m buying tracks I really dont want” you know, “I know what I want” so I just hustled and saved up my own lil’ cheese man and bought my own keyboard and from there the producer was born you know.

[PP] So you just bought the equipment and learned that s--t on your own then?

[MS] Yeah man, everything about the computers, mixing, mastering, graphics, you name it, just whatever mane I put my mind to it cuz I didnt have s--t growing up so I was always the type to either earn it or took it you know so that was the type of n---a I was.

[PP] Who were your influences coming up?

[MS] Off top its gonna have to be NWA who basically let a n---a realize that he can say what he wanted to on a record. Yeah but actually growing up s--t, we were listening to motherfuckas
like the Beastie Boys, Fat Boys, and Kurtis Blow. We was on that s--t mane – East Coast, you know Das Efx S--t, Boogie Down Productions came out you know I was always into the lyrics you know I wanted to hear about struggling and coming out of the darkness and s--t like that. I didn’t want to hear about no, you know “what you got” type of s--t. I was a lyrical type of motherfucka you know and then 2 Live Crew came out and then I was like “God Damn these motherfuckers are talking about p---y!” you know what I’m saying?, {laughs} so shiiit it took the Gangsta and the Pimp S--t and put it all together cuz I like b-----s and I like money. But basically the biggest influence was NWA because they were talking about s--t that we’re actually living.

Exclusive, 3 part series of an in-depth interview with the M-Town Immortal Mr. Sche is now live on our Blog.

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