Memphis Police Department Going High Tech With Real Time Crime Center

The Memphis Police Department has introduced a high tech Real Time Crime Center that will help combat crime in the Memphis Metro Area.

The Memphis Police Department announced that they will be going high tech with the Real Time Crime Center which will help combat crime in the streets of Memphis. The center looks like something from the movie in “Live Free or Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis with dozens of flat panel display screens and computers or a mini NASA operations control video center.

The center will be able to monitor street activity which includes anything in the city and the community from roads to bridges. There will also be hidden cameras for those criminals who believe they’ll get away with something when they believe there’s no camera around.

In addition, the camera system will be able to monitor gunshots, locate and turn in the direction of the gunshots, detect and read license plates and more. The data collected from the feeds can be stored, analyzed or even sent directly to a patrol car that’s cruising a neighborhood.

The Real Time Crime system will be accessible to citizens and they’ll be able access some of the crime information in real time and also link their own webcam/security camera to the systems crime center to possibly help keep an eye on their neighborhood. Also, Neighborhood Watch groups will be able to obtain information through the Memphis Police Department Cyberwatch program where they’ll have access to a suspect’s rap sheet, outstanding warrants, mug shot and hangouts. All this and more can be sent directly to patrol officers and instantly appear on the patrol car’s computer or via a text message on a cell phone. The Real Time Crime system will also be able to instantly obtain filed police reports that are reported by police into their PDA’s which will be added to the real time crime databases.

Memphis’ Real Time Crime Center’s cost was $3.5 million which grant funding covered $1.6 million of the cost. The Real Time Crime Center in New York which the Memphis center is based off of was an estimated $12 million and the technology has already surpassed New York’s Real Time Crime Center model.

The Memphis Real Time Crime center will also be the hub for crimes committed in surrounding areas of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

The real test for the Memphis Real Time Crime Center will kick off during Memphis In May and the Memphis Police Department hope to be fully operational by this Summer.

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