Love 1380’s Ms. Tina Tilton talks with’s Big Guy about Holy HipHop in Memphis

On a wet soggy Friday evening at Zeph’s, located at 799 South Highland,’s Big Guy had a talk with radio personality Tina Tilton (formerly of Hot107.1) now with Love 1380 airing live from 3pm-7pm Monday through Friday. Check it out.

It was storming so bad Friday night, but I was determined to get to Zeph’s to meet with my fellow sister in Christ Tina Tilton. A Southside graduate and a member of World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church out in East Memphis.

“The youth are numero uno on my list Guy, they are mandatory,” stated Tina Tilton. “God called me to minister to the children with my radio show and the hot T.V show ‘Radical Truth’ (which airs Friday night at 1pm on Paxx Tv 50 and Saturday on ch3 at 1:07am) with my fellow brother in Christ Mr. Del (formerly of Three 6 Mafia).” On the show secular videos are played to teach Bible and Christian principles to viewers. “I see Holy Hip-Hop elevating in the music industry Guy” says Tina, “but it’s time for people in Christ to start investing in this talent, cause these are the artists who can reach our youth.”

Every Friday from 8pm to 12am at Zeph’s (located at 799 S. Highland), Love 1380 has Holy Hip-Hop alternative music for the youth and young adults. “You can still listen to Gospel music and get crunk for Jesus” says Tina. “If it wasn’t raining tonight, we were going to have a Holy Ghost soul train line happening in here tonight, LOL!” Listeners can check out Love 1380 online at 3pm to 7pm Monday through Saturday and on Friday’s from 4pm to 5pm. Tina features different Holy Hip-Hop artists around the Mid-South. I asked Tina if there was anything she wanted to say and here it is: “I never liked my looks or my voice, but God saw fit for me to be on radio and t.v. And if he did it for me, he can do it for you, God Bless.”

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