Lots Of New Releases Out Of Da M-Town

Sup peeps,

juss in case y’all didn’t know, the next few months are bringin’ out new albums from some of the hottest and hardest M-town rappers out there. First of all, like y’all know, GANGSTA BOO is droppin’ her 2nd solo “Both Worlds” *69. TOM SKEEMASK is droppin’ his new one any day now entitled “You Cant Hold Me Back” with the backing of Dj Squeeky of course. Also, GANGSTA BLAC is droppin’ a new one soon, reppin’ that SPV, called “Down-South Flava”. TOMMY WRIGHT III is also droppin’ a highly anticipated album, “Behind Closed Doors…Da Soundtrack”. We all still waitin’ on that FLY2K,( aka PLAYA FLY) too, so be on the lookout…

Finally, SKA-FACE AL KAPONE will be droppin’ a new one as well, but last time I checked the title was still unreleased. Needless to say, all of us Memphis rap fans have got alot to look forward to in the upcoming months. Support these artists, especially the independent ones, (you know who they are, and if you don’t slap yourself) so we can continue to hear new s--t in the future and keep the scene alive!!!!!! Peace, Im out like a blunt roach………………


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