Lil Wayne Says He’s Anti-Mixtape, ”If you a mixtape DJ, f-ck you”

In an audio interview Lil Wayne stated that he hates the mixtape game and could care less about mixtape DJ’s.

In an audio interview with a mixtape magazine called Foundation, Lil Wayne stated that he hates the mixtape game. The rapper gets explicit with the interviewer and reportedly ends up throwing the magazine in the interviewers face before leaving the room.

The interview start off with the interviewer asking Lil Wayne who was some of the first mixtape DJ’s he could remember. “Ain’t into all that. I don’t remember no mixtape DJ’s. Tell this dude who he talking to, I’m not into all that… I’m like the originator [stutters],” Lil Wayne stated.

Wayne went on to state, “I’m him [comparing himself to Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) who invented dynamite, but also bequeathed the Noble Peace Prize]. I created the mixtape game, but I’m not in to that no more. I’m doing Lil Wayne. I’m against it, anti-mixtape dude, and I don’t know no mixtape DJ… f-ck you. If you a mixtape DJ, f-ck you. Y’all selling me out.”

The rapper went on to say, “I’m on 25, top 25, I ain’t put out 25 mixtapes. So f-ck y’all. F-ck Dat Piff. F-ck mixtape DJ’s. F-ck all that. Carter III coming June 10th. Go get it or don’t go get it, suck my d-ck. I’m smelling myself. I’m too good.”

Evidentially the rapper is angry due to the fact that people are ‘playing with him’ or should we say ‘foreplaying with him’ in regards to his last comment at the end of the interview, “I don’t like this interview no more, this mixtape s--t. I’m pissed off at the mixtape game… sucking my d-ck and not letting me come.

Check out the Lil Wayne anti-mixtape audio interview below.

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