Kingpin Skinny Pimp is ‘Still Pimpin and Hustlin’

Sure, you’ve heard Kingpin Skinny Pimp’s new single, that ode to cruising Memphis-style, click to listenTV’s (24’s & Wang). But you’re not alone. The entire country is getting a good listen as well, since Pimp’s latest album, “Still Pimpin and Hustlin,” has been picked up for distribution through mega-indie TVT.

The national release features some tracks not found on the regional version of the album, released as “Pimpin and Hustling,” including TV’s in its slick remix (I actually prefer the funkier original), though the hardcore rapper hasn’t watered down his gangsta style for more mainstream exposure.

“Being in Memphis makes me feel good about writing because it’s a hard city,” says Skinny. “If I be somewhere else, I might come up with some cool stuff, but if I (stay away from) Memphis, I probably won’t come as hard as I’m supposed to come.”

Few local rappers have the longevity of North Memphis’s Skinny Pimp (aka Derrick Dewayne Hill)..

He has been putting out records for years, both solo and as a cameo artist on other projects. Call on Skinny Pimp if you want music that’s as “street” as it gets in this town.

His seventh album proper, “Still Pimpin and Hustlin” came out on Tuesday and is his best shot yet for stardom. Among the rappers who guest on his album for a change are 8Ball, Chyna Whyte, Lil Jon and Cash Money act Lil Wayne, who appears on Do What You Do, a hot track that could well be the album’s runaway hit.

“I really feel this is my time,” says Skinny. “It’s gonna be bigger than anything we’ve ever done in Memphis. This is going to be the album.”

The record’s main company is the local Rap Hustlaz label, and that in itself is a success story. Production duo Rap Hustlaz

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