Kavious Inks A Deal With So So Def/Virgin Records & Sets New Business Trends

With his most recent signing to So So Def/Virgin Records this is not his only great success story but it’s definitely one that should have been photographed as a Kodak Moment. Thanks to rappers like Kavious, Eastman Kodak Co. is stretching its lead over Japanese rivals Canon Inc. and Sony Corp in the U.S. digital-camera market. In an economy where businesses thrive on the urban community, local rappers endorse products as the new trend. With the release of songs such as “Kodak Moment featuring Yo Gotti” artists are turning companies who have products not in the lime light to the new must-haves and most-talked-about.

Kavious, a Memphis, TN rapper who began his career seriously in the early ninety’s, was overlooked for quite sometime, but thanks to his reliability, patience and strong will-power, has accomplished one of his many goals, being sought after. Kavious erupted from an underground buzz to a mainstream blast with the release of his album Empty Shelves in 2003, released under Nuclear Records. Kavious recently caught the eye of platinum music producer Jermaine Dupri through his weekly radio show, which led Kavious to being signed to So So Def/Virgin Records.

Many fans have quoted Kavious as a rapper who is on a different level with a different style, compared to the rappers of today. Because of Kavious’ uniqueness, this places him ahead of many of the artists who tend to duplicate one another. “I’ve been watching Kavious for quite sometime. It just took the right time and the right place for people to realize the true talent that Kavious has to offer and obviously it is now. I’m concerned about my local artists because many of these artists are making products hot which I’m not going to name, but they know exactly who they are. I just only wish that many local artists would wise up and realize they could be getting sponsored by many of these companies who they glamorize everyday in their songs for little or nothing! If no one is talking about these companies’ products or services in the streets, whose going to buy them?”, stated C. Littlejohn Co-Director of

Kavious’ is expected to release his awaited album Hustle Muzic either sometime this month or next month. Be sure to keep it locked to for more on Kavious.

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