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Introducing Memphis Hustler Teflon Don’s ”Life of a Struggler”

“I put this on my mother bruh, I am a struggler, slaving 9 to 5 will turn a good boy into a hustler.” That’s the anthem of the single release off “Life of a Struggler” from Memphis’ own hustler Teflon Don, who quotes Yo Gotti as being a hustler as well. “..I recall being in the same classroom with him. He was a true hustler he would sell you a tape for 5 dollars and you would think it was twenty songs on there…,” states Teflon in an interview with

“During tests I would see him beating on the table rapping low to hisself but serious and it inspired me to learn how to write and rap to my written lyrics. In class we used to freestyle against each other which he used to tear my a-s up. But this is real talk and I appreciate him for motivating me to keep pushing,” Teflon continues.

This quote stemmed from the question: “You’ve worked with a number of known artists such as B.G., Yo Gotti, Tom Skeemask, Mac E and others. Who was the most memorable and why?”

As more in-depth questions are presented throughout the interview, Teflon answers revealing “I am as real as it comes and I know alot of artist who be flaugin like they this and that and I promise it burns me up because they are scared to be theirselves. They worry about what a another figure thinks about them, not me.”

The interview also touches on his military background, his take on Dj’s lack of support to local artists, his open mic event held every Thursday in Memphis, and more.

Read his full interview and more interviews at Keep it locked to as May will bring an exclusive line of hot interviews with some of the South’s hottest artists and Industry people.

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