Holy Hip Hop on the rise in the MidSouth

Gospel rap is on the rise in Memphis and the Greater Mid South. Power 99 has made history by being the first FM station in Memphis to play Holy Hip Hop. You can check it out every Sunday morning from 8 to 10 am on Power 99 so please support Holy Hip Hop in Memphis. Memphis has a host of Southern Disciples preaching the Gospel of Hip Hop like Mr. Del the Self Proclaimed Prince of Memphis with Holy South Records. Hype Ent aka Da Durty South Clean up Crew, Cayerio, The Foe Runnaz, The Great Commission, Da Messenga, Tha Preacha & Da Pastor, C-Micah, Mystic London, I-Lyricist, G.U.L., Anonymus, Angel Squad, Eternal Click, Non-Fiction, Da Monopoly, W.O.G., Yung Memphis, Queen of HHH Radiance, Kaleb tha Bridge, Prosper, S.U.S. Famlay, and others from the greater Mid South Area.

These rappers are claiming the streets of Memphis for the kingdom of God and will be hitting them hard starting this spring with plarforms and block parties posted in a hood near you. Pastor Kip Douglas along with Real Outreach Ministries will be one of the many pastors taking the gospel to the streets. “A lot of the so called Christians are so caught up on the inside of the four walls, they forget about the real souls outside the church” says GT of HYPE ENT. “God want us to go out into the highways and hedges and the reach lost souls”. Gospel rap will be making alot of noise in the Memphis city streets so get ready to give your soul to The Most High and get ready for a new breed of Christians like you never seen before. The idea that Satan can create a culture or music (e.g. hip-hop or even hip hop music for that matter) is the same ludicrous argument that the Klu Klux Klan and White supremacists used to hang, enslave and lynch Blacks for decades; and a similar argument that Nazis used to murder over 6 million Jews during World War II. They compared Black culture and Jews to barbarians created and controlled by the devil and then used those teachings to kill and disenfranchise millions. It wasn’t until Pastors, of all persuasions, came together and made it very clear to all of their people that God created us all and creates everything. A basic tenet that was distorted by instruments of evil and now one that you are using to the detriment of all gospel and Christian music, by those who don’t know their history and are fearful of change and bound in tradition.

Here it is in a nutshell: “Satan can make nothing. Satan has never made anything and Satan never can make anything. All he can do is destroy what God has made.” Satan can’t make his own form of music (e.g. hip-hop, rock, rap, classical, pop, etc.). It’s just not possible, atleast not if you are reading the Bible or following the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This basic understanding of Scripture is something that one should really ask for prayer and spiritual guidance to truly understand. The ludicrous statement that ‘Satan created hip-hop’ is a dangerous lie that is resulting in the Black Church, being continually disconnected with its youth – by not being able to speak the language of the people, as noted in Street Gospel 101 above. Each month, more and more Churches go bankrupt and into foreclosure, as their members grow old and gray, and youth are continually locked out, which plays right into the hands of the enemy.
Why?: Because Satan has never made anything because: God is the sole creator of the universe and no other. So, if you are a Pastor reading this, and some heretic has told you what God can not do, don’t you believe it or fall prey to this trap, no matter what video they show you or record that they play backwards for you or web-site that they direct you to. Stick to the Word of God and not baseless rhetoric, as the sands of time are running out and if you do not connect with your young people (the Hip-Hop Generation), the future, then there will be no future or hope for you. Holy Hip Hop is a tool that can help you bridge the gap and re-connect with the youth, the community and the time is right and the time is now.

Don’t forget to check out Power 99 every Sunday morning from 8 to 10 am for Hip Hop Inspiration!

Part 2 of this story coming soon.

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