P. London Whats Up Bitch video

Police Officer Who Appeared In Memphis Rap Video Resigns Amid Investigation

P. London Whats Up B---h video

Reportedly, female Memphis police officer Paris Glass, who appeared in a music video by Memphis rapper P. London has resigned from her position with the MPD amid their investigation into the incident.

It was late last year that the 7 year veteran Paris Glass found herself being investigated after the MPD discovered she appeared in a music video by P. London entitled “What’s Up, B---h.”

The investigation was sparked following the allegations that the video was affiliated with gang members as several women were seen in it wearing “gang colors.”

The Memphis Police Department launched an investigation to see how involved and how much of an association that Officer Glass had with the alleged “gang members” and if any crime activity was involved.

Glass was temporarily suspended while the investigation was on-going but, according to Fox 13, she has now resigned from the police force.

At the time of her resignation Glass was scheduled to appear at a disciplinary court hearing on January 29th, as the police were still doing their internal investigation.

Memphis police officer Paris Glass

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