Did Memphis Rapper Maurice ‘Yung Chip’ Brown Murder His 3 Yr Old Son?!

Maurice Brown, Sr, who has been accused of killing his 3 year-old son, Maurice Brown, Jr, reportedly was a rapper who went under the name of Yung Chip. Maurice Brown Sr allegedly wasn’t only a rapper but also reportedly a man with anger who assaulted his son’s mother back in 2010, but did he kill his son?!

Since the death of his son, Maurice Brown, Sr’s past has come to hunt him as experts and the authorities try to analyze and figure if he did indeed kill Maurice Brown, Jr and what may have triggered such an act. However, with a blood trail in his apartment and a witness, things are not looking too good as of now, for the father of the 3 year old.

After changes in Maurice Senior’s story in which he initially stated that he had awaken to his son gone with the door open and believing that gang members had taken his son to retaliate against him on July 1st, it was later revealed that blood had been found in his apartment which linked to an act of possible murder, at the least accidental death.

A witness pointed out to authorities that they had seen Maurice Brown, Sr (Sunday evening) with a little child draped over his shoulder believed to be that of Maurice Jr around 8:30PM that evening.

The toddler’s body was later found in a dumpster in the medical district in Downtown Memphis.

Since then, Maurice Brown, Sr has been charged with murder in the perpetration of aggravated child abuse and murder in the perpetration of aggravated child neglect.

Brown, Sr is being held on a $1 million bond and is due back in front a judge on July 26th.

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