Gay Canadian Cannibal Luka Magnotta Mimicked 90’s ‘Ripper’ Game: Shocking Details

Luka Magnotta dubbed the Canadian Psycho and Gay Cannibal Killer may have been inspired by a video game in the stabbing of his Chinese lover Jun Lin, 33, with an ice pic, dismembering of his body, sexually satisfying himself with the corpse then eating from it, and the placing of video footage online. It seems all these subhuman zombie-like acts may have been taken from an interactive video game and turned into something realistic and more. Details have emerged about the troubled killer and his horrific acts of murder and cannibal attack.

It is believed that Luka Magnotta mimicked his killing after the 1996 interactive movie/video game Ripper which starred Christopher Walken a NY futuristic serial killer in the year 2040 named Detective Vince Magnotta.

Magnotta, born Eric Clinton Newman, reportedly changed his named to Luka Magnotta in 2006 and apparently decided to take pieces of the interactive movie and incorporate it into his own killing such as emailing a newspaper which is what happens in the game at the beginning.

While criminal profilers investigate and look into the mind of Luka Magnotta, it’s for certain there must have been some tragic incidents or neglect to take place in his life to make Luka Magnotta resort to this.

Meanwhile, Luka Magnotta is awaiting to be extradited after being arrest on Monday in Berlin, as reported on, for his gruesome murder which followed behind two other cannibal attacks.


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