Fergie Talks Drug Addiction, Set To Perform At Beale St. Music Festival

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas who is set to perform at the Beale St. Music Festival talks about her previous drug abuse and obsessive paranoia.

Fergie born Stacy Ann Ferguson, 32, who is set to be one of the performances in the lineup at the Memphis In May Beale St. Music Festival talks about her previous drug abuse in the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine. The pop star who’s most known for her vocals in the hip-hop/pop music group Black Eyed Peas and a former member of the female group Wild Orchid, shares her emotions and talks about her experiences and about how she suffered from paranoia.

“I had about 20 different conspiracy theories,” Fergie stated. “I painted the windows in my apartment black so ‘they’ couldn’t see in.”

The singer who was on crystal meth before, obsessive paranoia was so bad that it had her believing that everyone was against her. Fergie’s health was affected greatly which left her weighing only 90 lbs, hitting rock-bottom and looking like she was homeless by her presence.

“One day, a guy comes up to me. I’m searching in the bushes for clues about whatever they’re after me for. I’m in a cowboy hat and red lips. He hands me a muffin. I’m thinking, He’s in on it. Is there a message inside? So I tear it up. Looking back, I realize he assumed I was homeless.”

Fergie has overcame her addiction, became a star and is now a role model for young girls. The star has even went on to release a solo album “The Dutchess” outside of the group Black Eyed Peas which had five #1 hit singles and went on to win the Pop or Rock “Favorite Female Artist” at the American Music Awards in 2007.

In other news, Fergie is stated to be engaged to Josh Duhamel, who stars in the television show Las Vegas and is finishing up her second album which is due sometime in 2008.

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