Downtown Memphis: Muvico Theater Closes; Peabody Hotel To Expand Into Peabody Place

Once again one of the attractions at Peabody Place will be closing its doors with this time being the movie spot Muvico Theater located within Peabody Place in Downtown Memphis. The Muvico theater closed its doors for good Sunday, July 6, 2008 after the last shows.

Why are they closing? The plan comes with the expansion of the Peabody Hotel. Belz Enterprises is looking to turn the second and third floors into more than 150 suites which will take approximately two years to complete.

After reports of poor ticket sales and the Peabody Place having to force a dress code and a conduct code on patrons, it seems to be the only acceptable way to keep the quality of its name and the only way to hope that many of the adults who ran off after reports of obscene teens ruling over the Muvico theater and loitering, it seems the only way to reserve the grand name, Peabody.

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