Denims & Diamonds or Uniforms & Badges

Burning rubber.. gun play, drugs, and gangs… all have the Memphis Police Department (MPD) and nearby neighbors looking for solutions to a growing problem! MPD respond every week from shooting and even more people are ending up getting pepper sprayed due to fighting and wild partying every week at one of memphis’ hottest late nightclubs, Denim & Diamonds, aka, D & D’s. D&D’s may be a place for cowboys, country music and bar fun on certain days but on Sunday, it turns into an outside hangout and riding strip for the HIP crowd as does Beale Street over the week-ends! This is the type of activity that has people worried, especially on Sunday, when the streets are full of joy riding teens & adults who may be there only looking for a good time but somehow, somewhere end up finding a battle of words leading to either a fight or worst!

In a recent television report by Fox News 13, D & D’s was said to be recognized by MPD officials as one of Memphis’ most dangerous locations due to the recent violence. However, in the report, they also state that this is not going on inside the club and there is rarely ever an incident inside the nightclub only outside the club where the other party-goers go to hang-out, joy-ride, and more..

What grabbed the attention of MemphisRap is that in this report, MPD Lt. Tim Presly states to Fox News 13 that he believes it is all due to “Gangsta Rap”. Now, I hate to be the one to bust the bubble of the MPD, but, “you’ve got to be kidding right?”

Well, we can only hope that the violence ceases, and that everyone realizes it is all about having a good time and no one can have a good time, when the club has to close early because of another shooting, fight or whatever the situation. What’s the bizness folks, “can’t we all get along?” Yeah right, we don’t have to get along though to have a good time, but just do this next time you’re out and see something fixing to break out: don’t say to yourself “eewwww, eewwww, a fight finna happen”; say to yourself, “these fools finna cut our good time short once again!”

Reference: Fox 13 Memphis

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