Heather Koon

Daycare Worker Arrested Filming Herself Raping Babies

Heather Koon

An Ohio daycare worker at ABC Kidz Childcare in Elyria faces two counts of rape after having sexual contact and molesting victims who were in her care.

Heather Koon, 25, plead not guilty Monday following an investigation of her boyfriend, 34-year-old James Osborn, a registered sex offender on probation who was accused of indulging in child pornography in 2010.

According to authorities, video of Heather Koon was discovered on her computer assaulting one of the victims, a toddler, a claim she denies.

Meanwhile, Koon is being held on a $2 million dollar bond and has a schedule for a hearing on October 15.

As for James Osborn, he has denied knowing about the video found on Heather Koon’s laptop and is currently being held without bond after child pornography was found on his phone.

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