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Caught On Video: Man Beaten By Off-Duty Memphis Police Officer in Oak Court Mall

Stedmon Fentress maced and striked by Oak Mall off-duty police officer

An off-duty Memphis police officer was caught on camera in a confrontation with a man and is now being called out for allegedly using excessive force when he was attempting to apprehend the man while at the Oak Court Mall on Poplar Ave in Memphis, TN.

The off-duty Memphis police officer, according to WREG, works for the Oak Court Mall when he’s not working on-duty for the City of Memphis.

In a video that was captured by one witness, who sent it in to the news station, it shows the police officer trying to mace the man identified as Stedmon Fentress, who can be heard cursing at the officer as he begs away trying to avoid being maced.

According to the witnesses, who were there at the time of the incident, at one point, Fentress was shoved by the police from behind as they came down the escalator – this is not shown in the captured video.

It is uncertain whether other words or actions were exchanged between the two which caused the officer to continue to mace Fentress and then whip out his baton and strike him repeatedly as he was on the ground.

Reportedly, the unnamed officer was trying to apprehend Stedmon Fentress after being in a verbal confrontation with another man inside the mall.

As for the shoppers, they were concerned about the safety of others which included kids due to the officer freely spraying mace as patrons shopped.

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